Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Goodbye June

June has come and gone in what seems like a flash. The World Cup is well underway, as is Wimbledon and later this week it's my birthday. 2014 seems to be flying by. This is what I got up to in June.

1. Bough a Spoonk/Yantra mat to help tension in my back. I suffer with knots/nodules in my upper back and shoulders thanks to sitting at a desk all day, these result in mind numbingly painful headaches, the mat seems to be working. 2. Found my first ladybird of 2014. 3. Home from work and five minutes later in the garden with a glass of wine. 4. Gave my neighbours something to look at whilst I sunbathed. 5 Father's day dinner at The Discovery, amazing roast beef.

6. Spa and afternoon tea at the Celtic Manor was pure bliss. 7. Day out at Monknash beach. 8. Best burger in Cardiff? Got Beef are doing something right, and those sweet potato fries...? 9. The last sunset of June was beautiful.



  1. Where is that burger place? I must make an appearance!

    Lovely photos :)

    Seriously, where on earth did June disappear to? x

    1. Got Beef is on Whitchurch Road, at the Gabalfa roundabout end rather than the Cathays end. You should definitely go there, best burger in Cardiff I reckon.

      It's crazy how fast 2014 is flying by, good for you though! x


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