Monday, 28 July 2014

Pembrokeshire - Days three and four

Day three took us to Narberth in the day, the weather was utterly foul so I didn't take my camera with me. After starting off in a cafe for some tea we trawled around the shops, I bought some artwork for my future kitchen. After going back to the cottage and having a swim we headed down to the coast with the intention of finding somewhere to fish. However, when we got there it was just too wet and windy to stay out for long without getting completely drenched. 

Standing here to take these photos got me soaked through, my peach coloured trousers ended up being transparent...

After leaving Amroth we drove down the coast to Saundersfoot for a wander around.

One of my favorite views ever, looking to Monkstone Point

After getting back to the cottage we had a glass of wine or two and either read (I got through three books over the course of the week) or watched TV. It was peaceful and relaxing...until we discovered that we'd been visited by the local wildlife.

One of the bedroom windows had been left open and this little dude got in, cue utter panic. I hate bats. I don't know why, it's irrational but I can't stand being around them. My dad ended up shutting himself in my parent's bedroom in order to contain it and try and get it out, despite everything being a bit panicked it was hilarious with my mother and I howling with laughter at my dad's attempts to get the bat out. His efforts were successful in the end and he was safely restored to his natural environment...we didn't leave the windows open after that.

Day four saw us head off to Manorbier and then down the coast to Freshwater West. Manorbier is another favourite place of mine, after winding through the village you're faced with the castle and then a wonderful view of the sea.

Can't go to the beach and not wade through rock pools.


 The hill above Freshwater West (home to Dobby's grave for those Harry Potter fans amongst you) was covered in cows, they posed brilliantly.

Between Manorbier and Freshwater West we had popped into Pembroke's Tesco so I could buy a pair of shorts, I needed to be able to paddle without fear of getting my clothes wet.


In the evening we went back to Amroth for dinner followed by fishing, catching nothing...again.



  1. Awww I would have been quite excited to see a bat that close, you don't get to see them very often :)

    That is the best photo of a cow ever!!!! Really made me smile!

    Chloe x

    1. Haha, I'm really not a fan no matter their size.

      Those cows were great, so photogenic!


  2. Beautiful photos! Saundersfoot is one of my favourite places in the world x

    1. Thanks Beth. It's just the best isn't it? Some of my happiest memories are from there. x

  3. Beautiful photos... I really love the sea on a stormy day. Wine and reading in the evening sounds perfect! X x

    1. Thanks Liz. Wine and reading was great. x

  4. What a gorgeous place
    I can't believe the difference in weather though :) x

    1. It's crazy isn't it? Even in the rubbish weather I love it there :) x


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