Saturday, 12 July 2014


By the time this is published I'll be heading down the M4 from Cardiff to Pembrokeshire. I'm reverting to being a kid again and am going away for a week with my parents and my nan. I need time away from everything that is 'real', normal life is being put on hold for a week. I'm not going to check my work emails for a week and I'm going to do my best to focus on being healthy and happy.

As well as having a bit of peace and quiet for a week, there are things that I'm looking forward to doing.

Cream teas


It has to be clotted cream, none of this whipped cream nonsense. 

Lobster roll


I still can't work out why I really want one lately. Hopefully my expectations won't be so high that I don't enjoy it.

Paddling in the sea


If the weather holds out I'm planning on full on swimming in the sea but I'll settle for paddling.



Luckily, my dad is taking his full fishing kit and all his rods with him so I'm going to have a go at spinning. Last time I managed to catch a mackerel, I screamed a lot through excitement that I had landed it and insisted that my dad put him back in the sea.



The farm we're staying has an indoor pool (the photo above if from their website) so I plan on swimming every day.



I've got two books to take away with me that I plan on getting through. The cottage doesn't have an internet connection so lots of reading is in order.

See you all in a week!


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  1. clotted cream all the way! I'm heading west for my holiday next week too :) xx


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