Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bank holiday Monday shopping

On a rainy bank holiday I decided to go and do a bit of shopping, there was a ring I wanted to buy from a jewellers (which was out of stock despite being told it would be in...but that's a whole other grumble) and after recently selling my old car I had a bit of money that was burning a hole in my pocket.

After treating my mum for lunch at the new Miller and Carter in the Hayes off we went on our quest to shop. First up was the Superdrug beauty store. I've started putting blonde through my hair so I wanted to get some shampoo to take care of it, I'd forgotten how drying blonde is on your hair.

Next was H&M and after a wander around and trying on a load of things I only came out with a few things, including two scarves for the winter.

I love this skirt, I almost left it on the shelf but picked it up at the last minute. New favourite!

After H&M we went to John Lewis. I wanted to get two new lenses for my camera, it was something I was nervous about because let's be fair - they're not cheap. It may not seem like it, in fact I'm sure my friends will think I'm bluffing when I say this, but I really struggle to spend money.

Whilst in John Lewis I popped down the beauty department (how can you not?!) to buy a new blusher as I only have a little bit of my NARS Orgasm left. I love buying new blusher, especially from NARS - I get a kick out of nice packaging.

The last stop for us was Jo Malone. I bought the Peony and Blush Suede cologne a few weeks ago and wanted to be able to layer my scent so I was after just the shower gel...I may have also bought the matching candle. I'm having a thing with candles at the moment, I now have two Jo Malone ones that remain unburned as well as two other scented candles I'm rotating over the summer. 


I love the Jo Malone experience, the ladies in the store really do pamper you. After making my purchase they insisted on giving my mum and I a hand massage using a layering of different scents, I've found another scent I like and luckily it goes really well with Peony and Blush Suede: Earl Grey and Cucumber. 

Remember I said I'm a sucker for packaging...?

This was a crazy photo-heavy post, I went to town with one of my new lenses. I'm never sure how many photos is too many when it comes to blogging so I hope you enjoyed these.

 Have you been on a shopping trip lately?  


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