Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Being a volunteer at Cardiff Dogs Home

Shirley, an American Bull Dog mix. She's looking for her forever home.

A month ago I attended the Cardiff Dogs Home walkers induction along with Charli. I'd signed up as a volunteer dog walker months ago but never managed to make it to an induction session, which all walkers need to complete before being able to walk the dogs. 

The induction was informative and parts of it were quite moving too, especially hearing about the times of year when the home a very busy such as before Christmas with older dogs and around Easter with puppies. Going to a place like Cardiff Dogs Home really makes you appreciate just how many people think of dogs as an expendable accessory that they can just get rid of when they've had enough of them. I'd urge anyone thinking of getting a dog to visit the home, there are so many looking for a family so why shop when you can adopt?

Over the last four weeks I've gone to the home every weekend to walk the dogs, this weekend I went with Nat for her first visit to the home. We were given Shirley, a young American Bull Dog mix, to walk. I've never walked a bull breed dog before but I think out of all the walks I've been on so far this was the most enjoyable. Shirley is a stunning dog with a loving personality, hopefully she'll find her way to her forever home soon.

The feeling you get knowing that you're bringing a little bit of happiness to the dog you walk that day is wonderful, being a volunteer walker is something I really do love and I'd recommend to any other dog lover.

For more information on Shirley or any of the other dogs at Cardiff Dogs Home click here.


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