Saturday, 25 October 2014

Pinterest inspiration: Halloween

I never used to be that fussed on Halloween when I was growing up, I was never interested in trick or treating around the neighbourhood or going to costume parties. However, in the last couple of years I've become more interested in it. Maybe it coincided with me owning my own home and wanting to decorate it for the time of year. Now I love putting pumpkins out by the front door, buying sweets for kids who are trick or treating, baking cupcakes and dressing up.

Chocolate cake / / Who said pumpkins can't be glitzy?

Chocolate pumpkin cake / / Spooky lanterns

Fancy dress anyone? / / Cookies

Mummy cupcakes / / Gourds

Unlucky black cat / / Jack-o'-lantern

Halloween manicure / / Minimalist pumpkin

Painted pumpkins / / Rustic pumpkins

Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you do to celebrate?

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