Monday, 5 January 2015

Three months of online dating

Back in October I decided to give online dating a go for a bunch of different reasons. This has given me a chance to see what some of the men of South Wales are like both online and in person. Here's what I've learnt.

All of the guys I've been on dates with have lied about their height, they've all been at least two inches shorter than their profile stated.

Doing the online dating thing means that you have no idea of what they sound like, this means that when they open their mouth to say hello when you first meet you can get a shock. One guy I met had a voice that just didn't match him, which I realise makes no sense, but I still can't believe how he sounded. 

I know within seconds of meeting someone if it'll go anywhere. Snap decisions ftw!

Any man that gives his longest relationship as being less than two years by the age of 30 will be avoided. No matter how attractive they are and how great their profile reads, if they have 'less than one year' as their relationship history an alarm goes off in my head.

I will judge a guy by the clothes they're wearing in their photos. I'm awful, I know.

Walking into a coffee shop or restaurant on a first date and trying to spot your date is always scary.

Any man that reminds me of a friend's ex boyfriend is an automatic no.

A lot of men apologise for liking football in their profiles. Why, what's wrong with liking football?

Some men are very honest in stating what body shape they want from a woman. One guy was explicit in stating that women who didn't exercise and had a few "extra pounds" on them shouldn't message him.

Almost every guy "loves" the gym.

Some men have no qualms about messaging you to tell you that you have a nice figure. I guess it must work for them sometimes.

Other men will message you with just "Hi." I really do wonder how often this gets a response from women.

The whole Nice Guy thing is alive and well. I dared to get into a conversation with a guy who seemed nice, but the more he messaged me the more red flags I could see cropping up so I stopped responding. He then proceeded to send me multiple messages asking why I hadn't responded to him as he was clearly the man for me (I kid you not). After getting fed up of this I replied to say I wasn't interested, I then got a message back telling me that I had wasted his time, I didn't know what I wanted and that I was lucky that a guy like him had even looked at me. What a charmer. It's guys like this that give genuine nice guys (capitalisation not needed for the real ones) a bad name.

I have truly learnt to trust my gut instinct. 

So here I am, three months on and still single. I'm putting dating on the back burner for a while, the world of online dating has tested my faith in the men of South Wales and at the moment there's not a lot of it left. I applaud those bloggers who only blog about dating, I don't know how they do it (although I suspect that living in London as many of them do must help). Who knows, maybe the right guy will come along next time I'm sat in Starbucks or wandering the aisles of my local supermarket.



  1. I went on a handful of dates through online dating and all of the men were very charming and my usual type but we just didn't click. Someone who was much older than my preferred age, with very different tastes and not someone I would have sent a message to sent me a message. It's over a year later and we are now living together and very happy. I'm so glad that he took a chance and messaged me even though we weren't a match, we spoke for a few weeks before meeting and I had a feeling it was going to go well. If anything online dating made me consider talking to men who sent a funny comment rather than speaking to someone cute at a bar, it made me less shallow.

    If I had deleted my profile I would never have met 'the one'. Stick with it!

  2. Love this! One of my closest friends met her now husband on an online dating site - he was the first date she went on! How's that for luck?!

    My other half was on dating sites for years but hardly ever made it to a second date. It baffles me slightly because he is the kindest man I have ever met and so much fun! So there are some good ones out there, I guess you just have to hunt hard to find them!

    Chloe x


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