Thursday, 30 July 2015

Royal Welsh Show 2015

I've wanted to go to the Royal Welsh Show for years but for whatever reason I've never made it, until this year. I love being in the countryside, apart from by the sea it's where I'm most content and I love animals, especially horses. Cob day (the Wednesday) has been the day I've really wanted to go on to see the amazing Welsh cobs in the show ring and this year I finally got to.

The RWS takes place over four days in July each year in Builth Wells, Mid Wales. The main function of the show is to showcase the best Welsh livestock as well as amazing food and drink from across Wales. It's accessible to both those from rural areas as well as town folk like me. There's a huge array of things to see and do, want to buy a tractor? Here's your place to do it. Want to see lumberjacks in action or see the largest bulls you're ever likely to see? Again, here is the place. Each day of the show is a full 12 hours so if you get there early enough you can pack a lot in.

I arrived at around midday after travelling up from South Wales, the journey took about three hours in total thanks to the traffic going to the show but once you're in the car park everything runs like clockwork. No wonder the people running it know that they're doing, this year they saw over 240,000 people through the gates over four days. 

The highlight for me were the Welsh cob senior stallions, they were absolutely stunning animals and the crowd reaction to them was electric. Other highlights included seeing the prizewinning cattle being taken back to their pens, I've honestly never seen such large cattle. Bulls and cows made of pure muscle were calmly lead past large crowds of people within touching distance without batting an eyelid. The sheep shearing competition between Wales and France was amazing to watch, it was almost treated like a rugby international with the anthems sung before it began and then the crowd cheering and shouting on the Welsh shearers with commentators shouting over the top. 

One day was definitely not enough, there were large areas of the show that I didn't get to and lots of animals that I didn't get to see. Next year I'm hoping to go for two days and either camp nearby or stay in a B&B, either way I know I'm going back and already looking forward to it.


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