Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Travel: Slovenia | Part one

At the end of July I headed on holiday for a week with Jon to Slovenia. We thought a lot about where to go for our summer holiday and picked Slovenia as Jon had ridden through part of it last summer when he rode the Transcontinental race between Belgium and Turkey. He'd stopped in Ljubljana and raved about how amazing it was but he didn't have enough time there to appreciate it.

We flew out of Luton...hopefully for the last time. The whole experience that morning was awful, as I got into the taxi at the ungodly hour of 5am I dropped my phone and completely smashed the screen, then I had to deal with Luton airport. It was a learning experience, thank god has the patience of a saint and can deal with me when I'm sleep, caffeine and phone deprived. 

On arriving at Ljubljana we took a minibus taxi with other people from our flight to the city, the first thing I noticed was how warm it was and how overdressed I was. After the taxi dropped us off we headed towards the river and I spotted a coffee shop I'd read about before we went away so we stopped there for much needed coffee and a platter of cheeses and meats. I can confirm that Slovenska hisa definitely lived up to my expectations, it was the first of many visits that week.

We had rented an Airbnb apartment for our week in Ljubljana which was about a 20-30 minute walk to the centre of the city along the river. We met the owner of the apartment (which I strangely have no photos of) outside and he showed us around, he was on hand through the week if we wanted to text him to get trip suggestions which was great to know.

After dumping our things at the apartment and having a short rest we took a walk into the city, I finally got to see what Jon had been raving about. Ljubljana is beautiful!

On our first day we stayed in Ljubljana to explore the city. After breakfast we wandered slowly through the city, and decided to take the funicular up to Ljubljana Castle. This is a bit sad but I was super excited to go in the funicular as there's one featured in my favourite film (Grand Budapest Hotel) so I wanted to see what it was like. 

Kangaroo shaped water fountain anyone?

The views from the castle were amazing, you could see right over to the mountains miles away and glimpse the red roofs of the buildings in the old part of Ljubljana.

From the castle we went to find the rail station so we'd know where to pick up our hire car later in the week and then headed to Tivoli Park. We had intended to hire bikes and ride around but we couldn't find the docking stations, oops. Instead we went and found a tree to sit under as it was getting pretty humid, after a while of laying there the wind picked up and it felt like a storm was brewing. We decided to get moving (slowly thanks to my awful choice of shoes that day) back to the city to beat the storm. 

We decided to eat dinner at Fany & Mary's, definitely not traditional Slovenian food! As we sat and drank our beers and munched on pizza the storm rolled in and the most amazing thunder and lightening raged overhead. It was a great experience.

The next instalment of my trip to Slovenia will be coming up soon!



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  2. It's not a destination I'd even think of but wow it looks so peaceful and calm. It's so pretty! Can't wait to see your next trip x


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