Monday, 2 January 2017

Travel: Slovenia | Part Three

I'd read quite a lot about Piran when preparing for our trip to Slovenia, it says a lot about Slovenia that it's the third largest town in the country. I think I built up too many expectations of it as it wasn't quite what I was anticipating as we drove there.

It's a really charming town, there's no doubt about that, but for us it probably should have been part of a trip to the coast rather than a destination for the day as we soon found ourselves ready to head back to our apartment after only a few hours of having lunch and wandering around.

Piran is definitely somewhere I' recommend for anyone going to Slovenia and I'm glad we went, if anything it was good to get to the coast for a while.

On our final day in Slovenia we drove to Vintgar Gorge, this was probably one of my favourite days of our holiday. We took the scenic route (we got a bit lost) to get there and ended up in tiny mountain villages which made the trip even more special.

The gorge itself was pretty busy but worth the crowds to walk through such a beautiful place. I was half expecting to see a dinosaur wander into view at some point to be honest. Once we got out of the gorge we ate lunch at Gostilna Vintgar which was much needed after being out in the heat for so long.

I loved our time in Slovenia and would love to go back to Ljubljana at some point just to spend a long weekend relaxing outside various bars and restaurants in the city.


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